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Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking Care of What Matters Most

Flame Tree endeavors to be a responsible company in all that we do. We understand the importance of protecting our employees, the environment and the surrounding dwellers. Our line of work is neither rosy nor without implications that touch upon social, environmental and cultural elements.

We ensure that our team is physically fit and in good health before venturing onto the project field. In addition, we ascertain that the work field is free from any potential dangers which may affect the team.

As our work involves the natural environment, we’re mindful of the procedures that are needed to be carried out in a particular work field. We determine that the work being done there will not harm or endanger the surroundings in any way.

Some of our projects may include developments in locations where there are populations. Likewise, we see to it that our work does not hinder anyone inhabiting the area nor will they be subject to any unfavorable outcomes of our work.