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Project Planning and Logistics

In Fiji, we often meet clients who have found the perfect location for their development. They have a vision of what they would like to achieve, but not a clear understanding of how to navigate things through these challenging terrains. This is where we step in with project logistics management.  There are many pitfalls when operating in Fiji and other Pacific Islands because there is always something that will blindside even the most cautious developer. We call it the “Bula Factor” and we encounter it every day- it’s all part of doing business here and there’s little that comes along that we have not seen and handled in the past… there really is no substitute for experience. We offer complete project planning and logistic intelligence.

Clients (especially those who are new to the Pacific) can discuss his/her plans and together we will develop a project specific outline and scope of works. The earlier we become involved in your project, the more impact expertise and advice we can offer. That translates to cost and time savings that go well beyond expectations.

Flame Tree also offers preliminary logistics planning advice on how things are best done in a tropical location as well as construction methodology and the use of appropriate materials. We will even provide a complete design and build package where we engage the key consultants directly. Come talk to us about our project and contract management and we guarantee you will save time and money.