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Let’s See What We Can Do For You

Flame Tree civil contracting services offer an exceptional blend of engineering skills and local knowledge. We have managed and completed a wide variety of projects ranging from commercial developments to massive aid-funded roading projects. Flame Tree’s machinery fleet is comprised of multiple 5 to 45 ton excavators, graders, loaders, rollers, compactors, bulldozers, dump trucks and transporters including rock crushers and screens. In addition, we also have an experienced mechanical team and extensive workshop capability.


Do you know we’re remote location specialists?

Many of our projects are in remote locations where we are required to bring in all our necessary resources including mobile camps, kitchens, power generation, fuel supply and anything else needed to get the job done.

Hardware and parts shops are often not available, therefore we need to be fully self sufficient with our equipment. Our civil engineering knowledge has proven our ability to manage these aspects of any project, ensuring its timely completion and maintenance of an environmentally sensitive establishment.