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Upgrading of 57km of existing coral road from Luganville to Port Olry, on the island of Espirito Santo, Vanuatu, including 3 quarries processing 280,000m3 of coral aggregate, 108 culvert crossings, 6.5km of rock lined drains and 1.2km of guardrail.

Familiarisation and implementation of the Project Resettlement Action Plan which considered the needs and cultural requirements of local landowners and stakeholders.

Identification, planning, obtaining of approvals, establishment, operation, and rehabilitation of more than 20 waste material dump sites.

Clearing of the carriageway easement, removal of vegetation and unsuitable material to the dump sites.

Excavation and shaping of road shoulders and water table drain using swivel buckets.

Construction of 108, 750mm diameter x 10m long culvert crossings including construction of headwalls and stormwater outfalls.

Construction of 6.5km of concrete rock lined drain and associated scour protection using a local subcontractor.

Installation of 1.2km of guardrail and associated end terminals.

Construction of a variable thickness 7.5m wide coral pavement including trimming to 5mm tolerances and preparation for sealing.

In-house Subgrade, pavement material sampling and compaction testing to specification requirements.

Installation of all road signs and associated road furniture.

Recruitment, employment and training of approximately 50 Ni-Van local staff.

Establishment and maintenance of a 30 man expatriate workers camp including the provision of meals, laundry etc.

18 Months


August 2010


Glenn Wakeman

Project Manager